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terminal definition of terminal by merriam webster - 1 a either end of a carrier line having facilities for the handling of freight and passengers b a freight or passenger station that is central to a considerable area or serves as a junction at any point with other lines, terminal definition of terminal by the free dictionary - intermedia of strickland having it bluish the tail has a terminal dark bar with the bases of the outer feathers externally edged with white the wings have two black bars some semi domestic breeds and some apparently truly wild breeds have besides the two black bars the wings chequered with black, terminal trailer 1 2018 movieclips trailers - check out the official terminal trailer 1 starring margot robbie let us know what you think in the comments below buy tickets to terminal https www f, terminal definition of terminal by medical dictionary - dumb terminal a computer terminal capable both as an input device sending data keyed in on the terminal keyboard and as an output device displaying data on a screen or printing it on paper, terminal fallout wiki fandom powered by wikia - a terminal is an electronic device that is used to interface with various computers such as those programmed for controlling turrets opening safes and doors storing information and activating robots and other special equipment, terminal meaning in the cambridge english dictionary - terminal definition 1 of a disease or illness leading gradually to death 2 a terminal patient is one who is seriously ill and will die soon 3 extreme when referring to something unpleasant or negative, terminal packages package control - custom parameters with the parameters argument to the open terminal and open terminal project folder commands it is possible to construct custom terminal environments the following is an example of passing the parameters t custom window title to a terminal, terminal define terminal at dictionary com - noun a terminal part of a structure end or extremity railroads a major assemblage of station yard maintenance and repair facilities as at a terminus at which trains originate or terminate or at which they are distributed or combined, terminal it support boston flat rate it services - partners terminal is a microsoft certified gold partner datto elite partner cisco certified small business specialist opendns and monnit partner and an authorized warranty repair center for hp lenovo and brother, which terminal check your terminal at heathrow heathrow - flying from heathrow find out which terminal your airline departs from and get a quote for official parking at the airport